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Once the applicant has been approved to take the CMSP exam, he/she will receive an e-mail with a link to the CMSP Exam website. The applicant will be given a choice of exam – CMSP-Technical (for engineers and developers) and CMSP-Management (for users/managers).

The CMSP Exam – for both Technical and Management tracks – will consist of 100 Multiple Choice and True/False questions generated (randomly within each topical area) from a Question Bank of over 2,000 questions.

Applicants will have fourteen days to complete the online exam. (The exam is open book.)

A detailed overview of the "architecture" of the CMSP exam is available here:

CMSP Exam Format (PDF)

An outline of the CMSP Exam categories and sub-categories is available here:

CMSP Exam Topic Index (PDF)

A comprehensive list of the reference materials used to generate the CMSP Exam Question Bank is available here:

CMSP Exam Question Sources (PDF)

Overview of CMSP Exam Revision Process (2010-2012)

  • In 2009, the Modeling & Simulation Professional Certification Commission (M&SPCC), led by Chairman Mr. William V. Tucker of The Boeing Company, decided that a comprehensive revision of the CMSP Exam was called for.
  • A detailed Program Plan (PDF - will be posted shortly), outlining the management of the CMSP program, and the method for creating the new exam, was created.
  • The M&SPCC decided to offer two certification tracks/exams: CMSP-Technical & CMSP-Management
  • During 2010 -2012, the CMSP Exam was comprehensively revised. The structure of the exam – as well as the examination questions – were exhaustively reviewed and updated.
  • The M&SPCC developed the new CMSP Exam Topic Index, using as a framework the M&S Body of Knowledge developed over the years by the SimSummit organization.
  • The CMSP Exam Content team was formed, with Dr. Mikel Petty of the University of Alabama at Huntsville as team leader.
  • All CMSP Exam questions, in accordance with Program Plan guidelines, had to be derived from publicly available, peer-recommended reference materials.
  • Dr. Petty questioned a large group of M&S professionals for recommendations on reference materials.
  • From these reference materials, Dr. Petty and his team developed a Question Bank of over 2,000 exam questions on various M&S topics, reviewing and revising the previously-used exam questions in the process, when possible. Each exam question meets the strict criteria outlined in the CMSP Program Plan.
  • The CMSP Exam Quality Assurance team, led by Dr. John Sokolowski of VMASC-Old Dominion University, reviewed all 2,000 questions and submitted recommended revisions.
  • The M&SPCC will continue to review and revise the CMSP Exam Question Bank on a regular basis, taking into account the feedback of CMSP applicants/exam-takers.
  • For a more detailed description of the CMSP Exam revision process, please read Dr. Mikel Petty’s white paper (PDF - will be posted shortly).

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