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Sample CMSP Certificate (PDF)


CMSP Application Process

Application Form (PDF)

Please contact Carol Dwyer to apply, or (703) 247-9471.

In order to apply, your Education and Work Experience must equal one of these required combinations:

  • Associate Degree and Eight Years Work Experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree and Six Years Work Experience
  • Master’s Degree and Five Years Work Experience
  • Doctorate and Three Years Work Experience

Assuming you meet the requirements, please submit the following to apply:

  • CMSP application Form (with $250 application fee)
  • A current copy of your resume
  • Three professional Letters of Reference

The Letters of Reference should be from previous or current supervisors, colleagues or professors. The letters should be submitted via e-mail with the Subject Line "CMSP Reference Letter for ____." (Applicant may also collect the letters and submit all three together.)

The Letters of Reference do not need to be overly long or formal, but should detail the length and nature of the relationship with the applicant, and provide details about the applicant’s technical skills, knowledge, ethics, work products, etc. The letters should also state endorsement of the applicant’s suitability for the Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional (CMSP) designation.

Application Review

When your application, resume and letters of reference have all been received, your CMSP application package will be assigned to two members of the Certification Board for review. As long as you meet the requirements, you can expect your application to be approved within one to two weeks. Once you are approved, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for taking the online CMSP Exam.


The e-mail you will receive will contain the link to the CMSP Exam website and a password for logging in. When you log in, you will select which exam to take – CMSP-Technical or CMSP-Management – and you will be asked to "de-select" a certain number of exam categories that you would prefer to skip. Once you have completed that process, your exam will be created and you will see the "Start Exam" button.

Once you click on "Start Exam," you will have exactly fourteen days to complete and submit the exam --- so don’t begin your exam until you are sure you will be able to complete it within two weeks. (The time limit will be emphasized on the CMSP Exam website.)

Exam Grading / Notification of Result / CMSP Plaque shipment

Once submitted, your exam will be graded, and you will receive notification of your result (pass/fail) within two weeks. If you do not pass the exam, you must wait six months before re-taking the exam (at no additional fee).

When you successfully pass the exam, you will receive notification along with your CMSP certificate number and certification start/end dates. CMSP Certification is valid for four years.

You will also be asked to sign a pledge to follow the Simulationist Code of Ethics (PDF). A handsome wooden CMSP plaque will be shipped to you shortly afterwards.

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