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Once the applicant has been approved to take the CMSP exam, he/she will receive an e-mail with a link to the CMSP Exam website. The applicant will be given a choice of exam CMSP-Technical (for engineers and developers) and CMSP-Management (for users/managers).

The CMSP Exam for both Technical and Management tracks will consist of 100 Multiple Choice and True/False questions generated (randomly within each topical area) from a Question Bank of over 2,000 questions.

Applicants will have fourteen days to complete the online exam. (The exam is open book.)

A detailed overview of the "architecture" of the CMSP exam is available here:

CMSP Exam Format (PDF)

An outline of the CMSP Exam categories and sub-categories is available here:

CMSP Exam Topic Index (PDF)

A comprehensive list of the reference materials used to generate the CMSP Exam Question Bank is available here:

CMSP Exam Question Sources (PDF)

A set of sample questions from the CMSP Exam Question Bank can be viewed here:

CMSP Exam Sample Questions (PDF)

The slides from the CMSP Examination Preparation Workshop presented at I/ITSEC 2016 can be viewed here:

CMSP Exam Prep Workshop Slides (PDF)

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