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Dr Steven C. Gordon is Technical Director of the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS), the corporate Air Force Center of Excellence for Modeling and Simulation, located in Orlando, Florida. AFAMS is a geographically separated Field Operating Agency of the Directorate of Architecture and Assesment, Headquarters United States Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff for Warfighting Integration.

Dr Gordon has significant involvement in modeling and simulation (M&S) long range planning, decision support tools for warfighters, economics of simulation, M&S science and technology (S&T) needs, Joint Synthetic Battlespace (JSB) Event Planning System, and AFAMS' outreach program. Dr Gordon is the AFAMS representative to the National Center for Simulation, and he leads the Data Compilation Work Group in the Economics of Simulation Study Group of the Simulation Interoperability and Standards Organization. He also participates in the Economics of Simulation Technical Chapter of the Society of Computer Simulation.

2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 400 • Arlington, VA 22201
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